Fort Worth Defense Attorney Handling Grand Jury Proceedings

Grand juries are convened prior to the filing of felony charges. A grand jury's purpose is to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to indict an accused person. Grand juries fulfill this purpose primarily by examining evidence presented by prosecutors in order to return an indictment against a defendant.

Grand juries hear thousands of cases. If you face a grand jury, it is imperative that the jury fully understands the facts and circumstances surrounding your case.

Go With A Defense Lawyer With A Record Of Success In Grand Jury Proceedings

The Fort Worth criminal defense and grand jury proceedings attorney of The Clark Law Firm has provided successful grand jury legal assistance to many individuals facing possible felony charges.

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We present a second side to the grand jury so that its members understand that there is more to your case than the version presented by the district attorney. Our grand jury practice may include:

  • Calling witnesses — and sometimes you — to testify on your behalf
  • Providing an alternate summary of evidence
  • Providing a presentation packet of documentary evidence
  • Conducting research and legwork, which may include gathering statements, taking pictures, visiting alleged crime scenes, gathering documents and securing affidavits

When successful in preventing the indictment of felony charges against you, you may then be eligible for an expunction, commonly referred to as an expungement, of the arrest and related charges.

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