Protective Orders in Texas

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Protective orders can be an effective way of keeping abusive or dangerous spouses or family members at a safe distance. If you think you need one, you should act immediately. If you are in immediate danger of physical harm, please contact the authorities as soon as it is safe to do so. Do not do anything to jeopardize your health or wellbeing.

When you are safe and sound, you should contact The Clark Law Firm and our Fort Worth family law attorneys. With our help, you can learn how to obtain a protective order, and even how to enforce one, without putting yourself through any more stress. We genuinely want to see you safe, happy, and comfortable, and will go through great lengths to prove it to you.

What a Protective Order Can Do

As the name suggests, a protective order is meant to protect you through multiple methods. Depending on the targeted individual and what they have done to you, a protective order can cover a variety of topics. Be sure to cover everything with your attorney before petitioning for one, as you will want to be as thorough as possible.

A protective order can include clauses that require the targeted individual to:

  • Stay a certain distance away from you at all times.
  • Not visit specific locations at certain hours of the day.
  • Not contact you through any method or specific methods.
  • Surrender all firearms while the order is in effect.

How to Obtain a Protective Order

You can obtain a temporary protective order that will only last a few days or weeks at nearly any time. All that is required is that you inform a county clerk or a police officer that you are in danger and need a protective order, or a restraining order, against a particular individual. The case should move quickly to a judge who will set a court date for a protection order hearing.

During the scheduled hearing, you will need to present a solid argument for why your temporary restraining order should be turned into a permanent restraining order. The targeted individual will no doubt attempt to counter your claims with their own. This is where a lawyer can step in and strengthen your argument with investigative insight and professionalism.

Evidence you can use to show the necessity of a permanent restraining order includes:

  • Police records of any related incidents
  • Criminal record of targeted individual
  • Your hospital records showing your injuries
  • Testimonies from close friends of your family

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You deserve to feel safe, no matter where you find yourself. If a protective order is necessary to make that happen, we want to be the team of Fort Worth family lawyers that support you in that goal. Do not hesitate to reach out to help the moment you know you need it. Call us at (817) 435-4970 and ask about getting a complimentary case evaluation so you can learn more without having to reach into your pocketbook.

Remember: Before contacting us, you should first contact the authorities if you believe you are in immediate danger.

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