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Texas is notorious for using excessive penalties against drug crime offenders, even those accused of nonviolent misdemeanors, like minor possession.

If convicted, both misdemeanor and federal drug crimes can lead to:

  • Imprisonment
  • Large fines
  • Community service
  • Drug counseling
  • Possible probation

The exact penalties you could face depend on the nature of the alleged offense and any prior convictions you may have on your criminal record.

If you have been arrested for a drug crime, you may be understandably worried about the consequences that could come with a conviction. Our Fort Worth drug crime lawyers at The Clark Law Firm are prepared to provide you with the tenacious and carefully prepared legal defense you deserve and require.

The first priority when managing your case is achieving the best possible case result, whether than include a case dismissal, charge reduction, or not guilty verdict.

Do not face your drug crime charges alone. Contact us at (817) 435-4970 to schedule a consultation with a Fort Worth drug crimes attorney.

Different Types of Drug Charges & Illegal Substances

With more than 35 years of total legal experience, our Fort Worth drug crime attorneys have seen all sorts of drug charge cases and defended them successfully. Attorney Bradley Clark is a former prosecutor with an extensive history of working within Fort Worth and the rest of Tarrant County. He has built a solid reputation with prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement agency.

This insight and inside-track can make a monumental difference in your drug charge case, allowing him to fully understand and anticipate the moves of the prosecution and what the judge presiding over your case wants to hear from the defendant.

We have represented clients in the following drug crime cases:

Common illegal substances Texas criminalizes include the following:

Possible Defenses to Drug Charges in Texas

Where should your defense begin? Find out by calling (817) 435-4970 and talking to our Fort Worth drug crime lawyers. Every case is unique due to all the varying circumstances surrounding an arrest and investigations. However, it may be useful to understand the basic elements of a drug crime defense case and what is typically considered in a defense strategy.

Aspects of a drug crime defense case we may want to discuss with you:

  • Unlawful search and seizure: The police cannot simply make arrests, pull vehicles over, or take suspect property without due cause and valid reason. In many drug crime cases, it can be revealed that the police conducted an unlawful search and seizure. If proven, any evidence gathered due to the unlawful actions could be dismissed.
  • Prescription drugs: Some people are wrongfully arrested and charged by police for possessing drugs for which they have a prescription. Providing a copy of the prescription may not be enough to have the charges dismissed, though. Talk to our Fort Worth drug crime lawyers to find out the appropriate way to handle such a critical misunderstanding.
  • Mistaken identity: Illegal drugs found within a public area of a private property can be tricky to pinpoint. Who actually owns the illicit substances? Police can feasibly arrest the wrong person on a hunch or due to false allegations. We will do whatever we can to make it clear that any evidence collected in a public space, like a living room or in the back of your vehicle, did not belong to you.

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Our Forth Worth drug crime attorney offers complimentary consultations to discuss your legal options after you have been arrested for a drug crime in Texas. Every drug case is different from the next and requires personalized attention to actually build an effective defense.

You can rely on our team, no matter the complexities and the strength of the opposition.

Arrested for a drug crime? To inquire about our no-interest payment plans or to schedule a complimentary consultation, give us a call now at (817) 435-4970.

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