How Can I Get My Texas License Reinstated After a DWI?

Did you know you can preserve your driving privileges after being arrested for a DWI? After the arrest, you have the ability to contest the suspension and possibly reinstate your license. Below, we break down the step-by-step process for reinstating your driver’s license in Texas.

Request a Hearing

If you fail or refuse a breath or blood sobriety test during a DWI arrest, police officers will issue a notice of license suspension. This notice typically replaces your valid license and allows you 40 days of driving time before the suspension occurs.

However, within 15 days of the notice, you can request a hearing with the Administrative License Revocation (ALR) program to contest your license suspension. If submitted on time, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) will send the details of your hearing to the address they have on file. This will happen within 120 days of receiving the request. ALR denies any hearing request made after 15 days of the initial notice.

Contact a DWI Attorney

Once you have a set ALR hearing, you should contact a DWI lawyer. An attorney can strategize and build a proper defense to advocate for your driving privileges and can help you obtain an occupational driver’s license if you are unable to maintain work without driving. Discuss your DWI arrest and driving details with your lawyer to build a proper defense for your ALR hearing.

Present Your Case and Receive Judgement

During your hearing, you and the DPS will present evidence to an Administrative Law Judge, who will issue a final decision regarding your suspension. If the judge finds that the DPS has not provided enough evidence or reason to suspend your license, the judge will move to reinstate your license. If the judge feels the DPS did provide enough evidence, the suspension will stand.

If the judge feels your health will worsen or you will lose employment due to your suspension, the judge may issue an occupational license. At this point, you will have a 45-day grace period to collect all the information necessary to issue a valid occupational license. During this grace period, a judge-signed petition will act as a valid license.

Retain Your Right to Drive – Contact The Clark Law Firm

The ability to drive goes beyond a luxury – it is a necessity to work and function. Don’t leave your right to drive up to chance. If you are arrested for a DWI, contact our Forth Worth DWI lawyers today. We aggressively fight to protect your rights and work to help you avoid license suspension altogether. We can help fight for an occupational license and keep you on the road.

Don’t fight your license suspension alone. Contact our Fort Worth DWI license suspension attorneys today at the Clark Law Firm – (817) 435-4970.


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