The Most Common Crimes During the Holidays

The holidays are considered the most wonderful time of the year; however, it’s also the season that experiences a significant rise in crimes each year. Since police departments in Texas and all over the United States will increase the number of officers on the roads, in neighborhoods, and around retail stores, making a mistake can not only put a damper on your holiday spirit, but can also lead to serious criminal penalties.

Here are the most common holiday crimes to avoid:

  • DWI – Alcohol is often part of the holiday celebrations with family, friends, and coworkers, which is why DWI arrests and fatal drunk driving accidents occur. Not only are there more police patrolling the streets, but also more sobriety checkpoints during the long holiday weekends to keep the roads safe and arrest suspected drunk drivers. If you plan on drinking at holiday events, avoid driving home and either take an Uber/Lyft or find a place to stay, whether it’s at a friend’s place or a hotel.
  • Domestic violence – Since many people spend more time with family during the holidays compared to other months throughout the year, tensions can run high and unresolved issues can surface, resulting in arguments and even physical altercations. If you’re struggling with a domestic issue during the holidays, discuss it with a professional to prevent the problem from becoming a bigger one.
  • Theft – Since malls and shops throughout the country will be busy and overcrowded with holiday shoppers, shoplifters may attempt to take advantage of overwhelmed staff and security guards. Although many Americans now do their holiday shopping online, they also must watch out for “porch pirates” who steal unattended packages soon after delivery. Lastly, burglary is another common theft crime that occurs during the holidays since many families take vacations or road trips, leaving the house empty for days or weeks. While stealing for the sake of providing your loved ones with gifts may be enough to motivate you to commit a theft crime, the most important gift is simply sharing your time with them.
  • Vandalism – Holiday decorations are supposed to light up the neighborhood and spread holiday joy; however, they also attract pranksters who want nothing more than to mess with or destroy the decorations. While doing so may be hilarious to your friends and even the internet, it’s not a joke to the people who set up the display or law enforcement officials.

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