How to Survive the Holidays During & After Divorce

The holiday season can be stressful in general. If you are going through or have been recently divorced, the holidays can be even more taxing and emotional. However, you can still enjoy the holiday season. Below, we discuss some tips for making the most of the holidays in spite of a divorce.

Tips for Dealing with Divorce Over the Holidays

Here are seven ways you can make the holidays more manageable during and after divorce.

  1. Make a plan. Navigating the holidays during or after divorce can be daunting, but you shouldn’t avoid looking ahead and making plans. The holiday season can be a very busy time for friends and family, so the sooner you ask to schedule time together the better. Getting excited about the future can be important in moving on and/or forward after divorce. If you have children and will be spending the upcoming holiday with them, it can also be fun toplan fun activities or try a new holiday tradition.
  2. Avoid ruminating on the past. The holidays can have a dark side as we may be grieving relationships, loved ones, or holidays past. While you shouldn’t ignore your emotions, even your negative emotions, you shouldn’t solely focus on the negative and the past. Grieve what you have lost and how the holidays won’t look the same, but also remember that you can make new memories and plans.
  3. Adjust your expectations. While it can be hard to accept change, the holiday season is going to be different during and after divorce. Be honest with yourself about how things might look and feel different so that you can properly manage your expectations.
  4. Avoid engaging in toxic positivity. As we mentioned, you shouldn’t avoid negative emotions. If you feel sad, angry, lonely, or grieved, take time to healthily process those emotions rather than bury them or portend to feel otherwise.
  5. Don’t spend the holidays alone. Many people going through or who have recently been divorced consider isolating themselves; however, you aren’t and don’t need to be alone. Reach out to people in your support network, and consider finding a divorce support group. Having people who know what you are going through in your company can help you emotionally.
  6. Prioritize self-care. Whether you treat yourself or engage in a favorite pastime, be sure to take some time for yourself this holiday season. While the holidays are typically about giving to and focusing on others, you should avoid using others as a way to ignore yourself and your own needs.
  7. Set boundaries. Spending time with friends and family may be difficult if you fear what they will want to discuss concerning your divorce or your ex-partner. However, you can set boundaries with them about what you will and won’t discuss. If you and your ex are co-parents, you can also set boundaries with them concerning gift-giving, communication, etc.

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