Most Common Reasons for Arrest on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Arrests

Every February 14th, couples around the world celebrate love and romance. But what happens when Valentine’s Day takes a wrong turn? From domestic violence to DUIs, there are certain crimes that occur more frequently on February 14th than on other days of the year. In this blog post, we will discuss five of the common crimes that lead to Valentine’s Day arrests.

Domestic Violence Incidents Increase Around Valentine’s Day.

Perhaps the most common reason for arrest on Valentine's Day is domestic violence. Studies have shown that domestic violence incidents rise significantly around holidays—especially those centered around gift-giving such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

This is due in part to increased stress levels from gift-buying, pressure to make the day perfect, and unrealistic expectations of one another. It can also be attributed to alcohol consumption; many people drink more heavily than usual on holidays like Valentine’s Day, leading to an increase in violent behavior.

DUIs Also Rise Around Holidays.

In addition to domestic violence, DUIs are also quite common during holidays such as Valentine’s Day. Many people go out with their significant others or friends for a night of drinks at a bar or restaurant—and some end up getting behind the wheel after drinking too much alcohol.

The police are well aware of this tendency and sometimes increase patrols accordingly. Unfortunately, even if you feel fine after having a few drinks you could still be arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). In Texas, you are considered legally intoxicated if you have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher.

Stalking Incidents Occur Around Valentine’s Day.

On and around Valentine’s Day, people may try to win or win back the affection of a person they are interested in. However, it is illegal for a person to repeat a behavior directed at a person that causes the person to feel fear, harassed, annoyed, alarmed, abused, tormented, embarrassed, or offended (see Texas Penal Code § 42.072). Thus, sending gifts, threats (against the person or their loved ones), or cyber messages after a person has asked you to stop can lead to serious legal consequences.

Violations of Restraining Orders Often Occur.

After a domestic violence incident, the court may put a restraining order in place against one party that prohibits them from coming within a certain distance of their partner or contacting them directly or indirectly. It is important to note that restraining orders are unique to each case and no two orders are always alike. You should review the terms and conditions outlined in your order to ensure you adhere to its specifics.

If you violate the terms of your restraining order, you can face criminal charges. In addition to being charged with violating their restraining order, one may also face additional charges such as stalking or harassment based upon the specific details surrounding their violation.

Public Intoxication Is Also Common.

Another frequent reason for arrests during major holidays like Valentine’s Day is public intoxication. If you become too intoxicated in public, law enforcement may intervene and place you under arrest until you sober up in jail.

It is important to know your limits and be mindful of your behavior when out celebrating with loved ones or friends during any holiday season. Being caught in possession of drugs or paraphernalia can also lead to an arrest; if this happens it is best to contact a lawyer before speaking with anyone else about your case.

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