Pretrial Diversion Programs in Texas

Being arrested for a crime in Texas is a scary, confusing, and stressful situation, especially it is your first offense. A conviction can result in a jail or prison sentence, fines, and other harsh penalties that can ruin your professional reputation and personal life.

Fortunately, the courts understand that many people going through the justice system for the first time are not seasoned criminals and won’t likely become repeat offenders. If a first-time offender is not able to obtain a not-guilty verdict at trial, pretrial diversion programs are available to help defendants avoid the penalties of a criminal conviction.

In exchange for a guilty plea, all your charges will be dropped once you complete the terms of the program. If you get arrested again or violate any terms of the diversion, you will be charged.

To qualify for a pre-trial diversion in Texas, all the following must apply:

  • This is your first criminal offense
  • This is your first time enrolling in a pretrial diversion program
  • The crime was a misdemeanor or low-level felony
  • The crime cannot be sex crime (except for prostitution) or a domestic violence crime

Common conditions of pretrial diversion are community service, educational courses related to the offense, routine drug testing, counseling, regular meetings with a probation officer, curfews, and avoiding criminal activity. Once you complete the program, you can expunge your criminal record.

If you are a first-time offender facing criminal charges in Fort Worth, contact The Clark Law Firm today at (817) 435-4970 and schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more information about Texas pretrial diversion programs.


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