Can My Criminal Record Be Expunged?

A criminal record can be a dark cloud looming over you during some of the most important moments of your life, which is why seeking an expungement can be so crucial. Without an expungement, your criminal record could prevent you from gaining employment, finding a suitable place to live, gaining custody of your children, and so on.

By expunging your record, you can significantly improve your chances of a more profitable, free future. But, an expungement isn’t available to everyone. Only certain types of records can be expunged, and even if the crime is suitable for expungement, several other criteria must be met. To find out if your criminal record is eligible for expungement, read these key tips below:

Am I Eligible for Criminal Record Expunction?

You may seek a criminal record expunction if one of the following is true:

  • You were convicted for a misdemeanor at least 2 years ago

  • You were charged with a misdemeanor that did not result in a guilty verdict

  • Your charges were dismissed at trial

  • You were acquitted

  • You were arrested, but not charged

  • You were found innocent or pardoned

It is also important to note that certain crimes are not eligible for expungement, including any crime that lists the convicted person as a sex offender. Other crimes ineligible for expungement include human trafficking, family violence, murder, stalking, kidnapping, and acts of violence against the disabled, elderly, or children.

Even if you are not eligible for an expungement, you might also be able to seal your record, which can help protect your privacy and lessen your chances of coping with the negative stigma of a criminal record.

What Does an Expungement Do?

An expungement can essentially wipe your slate clean. Once a record has been expunged, it can be hidden from the view of certain parties, such as potential employers, future landlords, and so on.

What’s My Next Step?

To obtain an expungement, you must first determine whether you qualify in Texas. To better understand your eligibility, discuss the particulars of your situation with one of our experienced attorneys at The Clark Law Firm. If you do qualify, you must then fill out either a Petition for Expunction or Petition for an Order of Non-Disclosure, depending on whether you are seeking an expunction or sealing your records.

Are you interested in obtaining an expungement for your criminal record? Contact our team at The Clark Law Firm to learn more.


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