What Is 'Kettling'?

Police Crowd Control Tactics at Protests

You have likely seen it on the news or heard about it through word-of-mouth. Protests are erupting across the nation and there is no way to tell if they will end soon. The murders of unarmed and innocent Black people and people of color have sparked rage throughout the US, resulting in protests, riots and looting.

People will not settle down until justice is served on behalf of the innocent people who died at the hands of the police, and until then, protestors will continue to swarm the streets and advocate for change. This means that the police will continuously face these protestors, whether they are peaceful or not, and ensure they are not breaking the law or getting out of hand.

With more protestors comes more cops, and as you may have heard, these two parties don’t necessarily get along. While George Floyd’s murder triggered weeks of protests, the death of Jacob Blake and other victims will continue to cause unrest among thousands of people.

If you are one of these people, continue reading to learn about the police tactic that many protestors are experiencing today.

Kettling Tactics

Also referred to as “trap and detain,” kettling is a police tactic that has caught people’s attention in recent months. This crowd control technique often utilizes natural and physical barriers, intimidation and corralling to mitigate the presence and threat of large, “uncontrollable” crowds.

Protestors may find themselves surrounded by police officers with no way out, or meet with officers equipped with body shields and lined up across streets to block entering or exiting. If you choose to protest, be careful, as you may get trapped by the police in a confined space and have no way out.

Some kettling techniques also involve trapping and detaining protestors, and other innocent people who aren’t protesting, and depriving them of food, water and access to the restroom. These actions may follow with arrests.

While many police tactics involve dispersing crowds by using tear gas, rubber bullets and force, kettling does the opposite. In either case, protestors can feel helpless and endangered. As such, it’s critical to be highly cautious when exercising your First Amendment rights through protesting, or you may end up in an unfavorable encounter with the cops.

Don’t let the police put you behind bars for simply letting your voice be heard. If you got arrested, hire an attorney right away to begin working on a plan of action for your release. Our Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys are ready to help you overcome your legal issues. Call (817) 435-4970 today.


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