10 Signs of Shoplifting to Be Aware of on Black Friday

How Retailers Detect Theft on Black Friday

Black Friday is known as the busiest shopping day of the year that both shoppers and retailers spend weeks preparing for. Shoppers look forward to unbeatable deals while retailers anticipate high profits and, of course, high rates of shoplifting. It comes as no surprise that retail stores are hotspots for shoplifting, as Black Friday is full of chaos, overcrowding and distractions.

Although COVID-19 restrictions may result in a unique Black Friday shopping experience this year, that won’t stop retail employees and security staff from being vigilant for shoplifters. In most places, masks are required, therefore suspected theft criminals may be harder to identify and prosecute. That’s why many retailers are taking the following measures to best prevent shoplifting in their stores:

  • Posting anti-theft signs (i.e. “shoplifters will be prosecuted”)
  • Organizing the store
  • Training staff to detect and deter thieves
  • Expanding video surveillance
  • Utilizing smart shelves to track inventory

When it comes to staff training, retailers explain the various signs of shoplifting to be mindful of. Since typical signs of shoplifting are not always accurate, many employees are encouraged to use their instincts in addition to identifying “textbook” signs of crime. As such, our Fort Worth theft crime attorney advises you to consider the following shoplifting signs that retailers look for:

  1. Oversized clothing or big bags
  2. Unusual customers (i.e. teenagers shopping at a fine jewelry store)
  3. Walking in groups and then splitting up
  4. Avoiding eye contact with retailers
  5. Loitering around store exits
  6. Occupying dressing rooms for a long time
  7. Scanning for employees and security rather than merchandise
  8. Carrying multiple items at once
  9. Concealing identifying facial features via hoods, masks, sunglasses, etc.
  10. Nervousness when questioned

Remember, the shoplifting signs above are not comprehensive and may be taken out of context by retail employees. You may easily get confused for a suspected shoplifter for wearing baggy clothes and avoiding eye contact with employees, for instance, but that does not mean you should get in trouble with the law. With this in mind, we encourage you to reach out to The Clark Law Firm if you are facing allegations of shoplifting or other types of theft.

Our Fort Worth theft crime lawyer is a former prosecutor who understands how both sides of the law operate, therefore we are equipped with the experience and knowledge your future depends on. To begin your defense, contact us at (817) 435-4970.


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